"Nanbu kettle"

Nanbu kettle is a cast iron kettle made with the skill of nanbu-tekki.
Iwate.pref is proud of the Nanbu tekki as a representative of Japanese traditional crafts.
It has long history as 900 years,It used in usualy as boiling a water for cooking,sometime it used in the tea ceremony.
It can be used on direct fire
The solid looking,Deep-black color,and the calm cast surface.These cast iron kettle makes your room more stylish.
The cast iron kettle known as It make water delicious because it can supply iron ion.

"Kamahada" 8000yen
Size: tea for two
Hight 17cm Width 14cm (include the handle)

"Arare" 7500yen
Size: tea for two
Hight 13cm Width 15cm (include the handle)

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